DuroStar DS4400E Review (Is It Value For Money?)

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For those who find themselves in need of a powerful portable generator to keep their family safe from any disaster when the lights go out, the Durostar DS4400E Portable Generator is highly dependable in this type of situation.

This generator is one of the best portable generators from DuroMax Power Equipment that is ideal for home backup during an emergency and also for outdoor activities like camping and also for job sites.

In this DuroStar DS4400E review, I’m going to highlight some of the best features as well as the downsides of this Durostar DS4400E Portable Generator. I really hope that this post will help you to make an informed purchase.


  • Get the maximum power from each of the 120V outlets with MX2 Power Boost Technology.
  • It’s an electric starter type of generator.
  • The generator noise is relatively low (<69 dBA)


  • A lot of features at a reasonable price
  • Electric starter
  • Reasonably quiet in operation
  • Powerful and solid


  • The run time is slightly shorter than the XP4400 version
  • Wish it’s coming together with recoil type starter
Durostar DS4400E Portable Generator
  • Plenty of Power – With 4,400 starting watts and 3,500 running watts, this unit can handle heavy loads, from lights and a refrigerator to a home air conditioner and high amperage power tools
  • Powerful Engine – The DuroStar 210cc OHV engine is a workhorse that provides plenty of power to handle multiple jobs, from powering high voltage appliances to heavy duty power tools
  • MX2 Technology - Get the maximum power from each of the 120-volt receptacles. Choose between operating the generator at both 120V and 240V simultaneously, or at 120V only with full power. Ideal for usage with RVs
  • Low Oil Shutoff – Protects your investment by automatically shutting the generator off when it senses that the oil is low
  • Fully Featured Power Panel – The power panel includes a wide selection of outlets for maximum compatibility in your applications including: (2) 120V household GFCI outlets and (1) 120/240V 30A twist lock outlet. The panel also includes a voltmeter and 12V DC charging posts for charging external batteries

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GeneratorDurostar DS4400E Portable Generator
Generator TypePortable Generator (Non-inverter) 
Peak Watts120V/240V 4400W
Running Watts3500 W 
Start TypeElectric start
Fuel TypeGasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity3.96 Gallons (15L)
Run Time per Tankful12 hours @ 50%
Item Weight121 lbs
Noise Level (dBA)<69 dBA
Engine Displacement7 HP 208cc OHV engine
Dimensions (L x W x H)22” x 25” x 22”
CARB Compliance/ EPA ApprovedYes 
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Who Is This Generator For?

The Durostar DS4400E Portable Generator would be perfect for just anyone who needs a reliable portable generator as backup power for natural disasters, off-grid living, RV-ing, construction jobs, and for a whole house.

If you’re intending to use it for a whole house backup power, the power from this generator is adequate enough for your refrigerator, lightings, and some of the electrical appliances during a power loss. 

Also, this product is perfectly designed for your RV, pop-up camper, and for those who live off-grid like in rural areas. This particular generator model is not very loud (less than 69dBA), and it would be perfect for home use and also camping.

DuroStar DS4400E is not only an ideal emergency generator choice for people on a tight budget, but its features are attractive compared to some higher-priced models.

The DuroStar DS4400E Review

Powerful Engine

The DuroStar DS4400E Portable Generator is made from a durable 7 Horse Power 208cc engine with the capability of producing 4,400 watts of peak power of 3,500 watts of continuous power. It requires gasoline to run.

The engine has an air-cooled design to prevent it from overheating which may damage the engine, at the same time, it will run smoothly. The output power should be enough to power the common electrical appliances whether at home or at the job sites.

The table below is the estimated wattage requirements of common electrical devices:

Tool or ApplianceRated (Running) WattsAdditional Surge Watts
Electric water heater (40 gallons)40000
Hot plate25000
Radial arm saw25000
Electric Stove15000
Circular Saw15001500
Air compressor (1 HP)15003000
Air conditioner 13500 BTU12001800
Miter saw12001800
Microwave oven 1000 Watt10000
Well water pump10001500
Reciprocating saw9601040
Sump pump8001200
Refrigerator freezer8001200
Garage door opener480600
Security system1800

Noise Level

DuroStar DS4400E claims that it generates a noise level less than 69dBA which is a very common range for many similar generators like this. Admittedly, this generator can’t beat the quieter inverter generator like the Honda but at this range, the noise level is relatively low.

The table below shows you some everyday items where they fall on the decibel scale and how this generator fits into the mix.

Note: Sound Levels in decibels

Everyday ItemsDecibels (dBA)
Quiet Room40
Generator (DuroStar DS4400E)60-70
Hair Dryer80

Last Longer

Rest assured that the generator will last for a longer period of time due to its heavy-duty steel frame design and the engine is mounted securely on the frame that stays in tough conditions.

The great thing about this generator is being EPA approved so that you can safely use it in any national park and a CARB compliant, Californian residents will surely be glad on it as they can enjoy the benefits of this amazing generator in their place.

Live Happily During Power Shortage

With this type of power handling, you can prevent your foods from rotting, stay cool with your A/C unit, cook foods on your oven, and even watch your favorite movies on your HDTV. 

This gives you the advantage of living a normal life with your family during a power shortage while others suffer in darkness.

Bring It Anywhere

With its highly portable design, you can bring it anywhere, it features a wheel kit that is included in the package for your convenience to roll it anywhere even at the rough surface due to its all-terrain tire design. The pull-up handle is also provided on the package for easy steering.

That being said, you can bring it to any of your camping destinations, take it on your Job-site to power up your tools, and finish it in no time or cover any of your favorite sporting events. With its super quiet exhaust design, it doesn’t disturb anyone in your neighborhood or your fellow camper at the campsite.

Ease Of Use

The DuroStar DS4400E Portable Generator provides an upright power panel for simplicity of usage and strategically arranges each outlet for your convenience. It comes with an electric starter which is very easy to use especially for women.

In addition to the features, there are two 120v 20-Amp 3-prong outlets that power up all your home appliances and a single 120v/240v 30-Amp twist-lock outlet to supply your power tools. 

One of the cool features of this generator is the DuroStar MX2 technology. What it does is that it will boost the power from each of the 120V outlets to their maximum power. You either can choose between operating the Generator at both 120V and 240V simultaneously or at 120V only with full power

This generator is RV-ready. So, if you’re going for outdoor activities with your RV, this generator is ready to serve you.

Stay Safe

The DuroStar DS4400E is built with more safety features to keep your appliances from damaging and the generator itself. This includes a circuit breaker that will automatically shut off the generator whenever an overload arises. 

A voltmeter that keeps track of the ideal output voltage and the engine shutoff switch that cause the engine to turn off instantly.

There’s a low oil sensor that will shut down the engine when there’s insufficient oil supply. Rest assured that the entire family is safe from unwanted emission of flammable debris combustion from gas, thanks to its Spark Arrestor device features.

Customer’s Review

I read a lot of comments and feedback from the real owners on Amazon who had purchased this generator. I found that DuroStar DS4400E is very popular among the owner because it is strong, durable through natural disasters, and valued for money.

The power that it has is enough to handle a refrigerator, 55″ TV, Dish box, internet modem, house phone, and portable heater with ease. Somemore, according to one of the owners, it will run anywhere between 10 to 15 hours on a tank of gas.

On the downside, some owners complaint that some small parts like the handle that controls the choke and spark plug boot are made from cheap materials. In addition to that, some owners complain that this generator is not as quiet as it claims.  

What Are The Best Alternative Of DuroStar DS4400E Portable Generator?

It’s always a good idea to have an alternative in mind when looking at a portable generator, and while the DuroStar DS4400 is a great conventional generator, its high price tag may make it out of reach for some people.

In that case, the Durostar DS4000S Portable Generator is a great alternative. It offers the same incredible clear features as the DuroStar DS4400E but has a lower price tag due to slightly less power than the DS4400E.

It produces 4000 peak watts and 3300 running watts which is not bad for most usage. This model is a recoil starter type and with a full tank of gasoline, it can last up to 8 hours at half load.

Durostar DS4000S Portable Generator
  • POWERFUL DUROSTAR ENGINE: The DS4000S is Powered by a 7Hp 208cc OHV Durostar Engine.
  • GAS POWERED TECHNOLOGY: Run your generator with Gasoline for long lasting power.
  • PLENTY OF POWER: With 4, 000 starting watts and 3, 300 running watts, this unit provides plenty of power to handle multiple jobs from powering high voltage appliances to heavy duty power tools.
  • MAXIMUM POWER: With Durostar, get the power you need with a power panel that provides: 2 120V household outlets and 1 120V 30A twist lock outlet.
  • POWERING EVERYONE ANYWHERE: Like all Durostar generators, the DS4000S is EPA and CARB approved for use in all 50 states.

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Note: For a Dual Fuel portable generator option, click here to find out more.


The DuroStar DS4400E Portable Generator is highly dependable as it was fully tested by most customers during several natural disasters like hurricanes for several days. 

The unit is so simple to assemble and run smoothly in no time in just a single press. This Genset is quietly designed so that it doesn’t disturb anyone of your neighbor.

For anyone who’s looking for a durable, reliable, and affordable portable power generator that will save your family from any disaster, the DuroStar DS4400E is definitely a wise choice.